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Belinda Baptsite

Belinda Baptsite

Belinda Baptiste remembers her parents demonstrating a duty to serve; they often cooked large meals and fed the community. On a monthly basis, they would take food to the underprivileged and mentally ill by buses and vans. They delivered food and clothing items to people in need. Her parents ingrained this attitude of service into her at a young age. Ms. Baptiste recalls discovering a gift for baking first as a hobby as she worked in higher education; however, she felt something was missing. She felt a calling to do something different. She decided to open a bakery and wanted to have a place for people to come together in community.

When the earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, Ms. Baptiste baked cakes for sale to sponsor mission trips to Haiti. She later befriended Joan Kornblatt, a partner for Hope for LaGonave and together they have worked on numerous projects for the benefit of the citizens of Haiti. People come into the bakery for reasons other than to purchase to food. Some come and visit for the sole purpose of supporting missions in Haiti.

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