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Support a student's dream

this holiday season.

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Welcome to Unforgettable Bakery, located in Savannah, GA. We offer a menu for in-house orders, and you can pre-order items online for pickup at the Forest Park Shopping Center on Eisenhower Drive. 


Exciting news! We now offer select items available to purchase and ship nationally

Our Story

Belinda Baptiste is a self-taught baker whose passion is to feed everyone the way she feeds her family—with food that is both delicious and soul-filling. 

Drawing from her Haitian-American roots, along with her passion for healthy and wholesome living, Belinda provides comfort and connection through her cakes, breads, and home-brewed juices. 

Unforgettable Bakery & Cafe is a bakery with a purpose. For years, it has been the hub of Belinda’s visionary work in the community—supporting local youth, young adults, and unhoused populations. As writes: “The passion and care that Baptiste puts into the community is the same passion and care she puts into her food. If you taste her cakes, you’ll know exactly what I mean.” 


Belinda is a James Beard Award semi-finalist in the 2023 category of Outstanding Bakery. Come get a taste of a true Savannah talent at Unforgettable Bakery. 

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